Re:load Pro fan kit

This is a fan kit for the Re:load Pro, containing everything you need to boost your Re:load Pro’s sustained power limit from 25 watts to 50 watts! It includes a fan controller PCB with dual smart fan controllers, fans, and mounting hardware to attach it to your Re:load Pro.

Assembly instructions for the fan kit can be found here.

The fan kit is available on Tindie.

Images are of a late prototype; the production units will have proper standoffs and an improved PCB design.

The kit includes a populated PCB with dual smart fan controllers, and all parts and mounting hardware required to set it up on your Re:load Pro. Fan speed is automatically managed to minimise fan noise and wasted power through a thermocouple that detects heatsink temperature and adjusts fan speed accordingly. The fan controller can also detect and restart stalled fans.

Under low load conditions, the fans are stationary. As load - and thus temperature - increases, the fans start, gradually ramping up to full speed as needed to maintain the temperature.

Basic soldering and assembly skills are required to add the fan kit to your Re:load Pro. Full instructions will be provided.

Full contents:

  • Fully populated fan kit PCB
  • Thermocouple
  • Headers for attaching fan kit PCB to Re:load Pro expansion slot
  • Two 40mm fans
  • Aluminium mounting plate, standoffs and screws for attaching fans to Re:load Pro
  • 0.9mm hex key for removing the knob from the Re:load Pro front panel during disassembly

Preorders will close, cards will be billed, and production will begin on the 7th of December.