Re:load 2

Re:load 2 is an adjustable constant-current load with several key properties:

  • Cheap - just $20!
  • Self-powered. A general purpose dummy load shouldn’t need external power, and Re:load doesn’t.
  • Versatile. Operates over 3.3 to 40V, and at 0-3A. Handle up to 12W continuous, or more with your own jumbo heatsink.
  • Virtually indestructable. As long as you don’t exceed 40V, there’s not much you can do to damage this. ESD, overcurrent, overtemperature and reverse polarity are all protected against.
  • Small. Chuck it in your toolbox once you’re done and pull it out when you need it next.
  • Mounting holes for convenient mounting to a custom case
  • Option to power the Re:load from an external supply to support voltages from 0 to 60 volts
  • Configurable potentiometer orientation, for more flexible enclosure options.
  • Configurable FET placement, for more flexible enclosure options.

You can read a detailed post about Re:load’s construction and specifications here.

For detailed assembly and usage instructions, see here.