Circuit pattern trading cards

The circuit pattern trading cards are a deck of 32 unique cards, each of which has a unique description and illustration of a common concept in electronics design. Topics covered include analog, digital, and power electronics.

The cards are printed on a deluxe card stock such as you’d find in a high quality deck of playing cards, and come packaged in an attractive custom tuckbox.

The cards are a great reference for all skill levels, and cover a range of topics, from simple ones such as LED current limiting, up to more difficult ones such as capacitative voltage boosters.

Like all our products, circuit pattern trading cards are open source; the full source can be found here on GitHub.

You can buy your own deck here on Tindie; they’re also available from Adafruit and on

A digital version of the Labs cards is now available for free on Android - get it here - and for iPhones here for £2.99. Note that Arachnid Labs is not associated with the developer of either application, and receives no proceeds from app purchases.