Re:load Pro Fan Kit now available for preorder

You’ve been waiting for it with bated breath, and now it’s here: the Re:load Pro fan kit!

We’ll be accepting earlybird preorders for the next 7 days here at the limited time price of £20 plus shipping. Once the time’s up, if we have enough preorders to cover the tooling costs, we’ll start manufacturing, with delivery expected in January.

The fan kit contains everything you need to boost your Re:load Pro’s sustained power limit from 25 watts to 50 watts.

The kit includes a populated PCB with dual smart fan controllers, and all parts and mounting hardware required to set it up on your Re:load Pro. Fan speed is automatically managed to minimise fan noise and wasted power through a thermocouple that detects heatsink temperature and adjusts fan speed accordingly. The fan controller can also detect and restart stalled fans.

Under low load conditions, the fans are stationary. As load - and thus temperature - increases, the fans start, gradually ramping up to full speed as needed to maintain the temperature.

Package contents:

We’re only running the preorder for a limited time, after which prices will go up to the normal rate of £25, so if you know anyone with a Re:load Pro who might like one, now’s the time - preorder one now!