Labs Update

Remik sent in photos of an awesome Re:load casemod he put together:

He says:

Yes - that is/was standard case made, I think, by Hammond. [...] I attach few photos - I didn't disassembled re:load completely - I don't want to destroy top panel. This one is simply print out on adhesive paper + scotch transparent tape on top. Panel has been designed in Front Panel Designer.

The case has main terminals on the top for the load, as well as a secondary set of terminals on the front that are hooked up to the sense terminals.

Got your own casemod for the Re:load? Send it in and I’ll show it off!

Also, the stencil8 tooling blocks are back in stock, now with a new design:

I’m really happy with these tooling blocks. The tooling quality is top notch; all the holes are chamfered, and so are the edges of the block. It’s even got a logo:

I’ve also found a better way to package the blocks, using cardboard book sleeves, like those used by Amazon. They’re lightweight and they make sure your tooling block gets to you in mint condition.

If you’d like one, you can get your own here.