Introducing minimatrix

Time to unveil Arachnid Labs next project, Minimatrix!

Minimatrix is a tiny (3cm x 3cm) battery powered LED matrix display, reprogrammable over infra-red. It displays marquee text and short animations, which can be programmed using an infrared remote control or from a computer via an Arduino or similar development platform. You can even use it as an interactive display by updating it live!

Minimatrix is based around a small single-color LED matrix and an ATTiny4313 microcontroller. It’s powered by a single coin cell battery, which will last for 12-24 hours of continuous operation and months on standby. An IR receiver allows it to receive instructions and data from other embedded devices and standard IR remote controls.

Minimatrix will sell for $10 as a simple kit with only the SMD parts soldered, or for slightly more fully assembled. It’s not available quite yet, but will be very soon!