Improvements to the re:load

The response to the Re:load has been nothing short of astonishing. 60 orders on Tindie in less than 24 hours! I’m really looking forward to getting them out to people, and to seeing what they do with them.

I’ve spent the evening tweaking the PCB a bit for the production run. No major changes, but I’ve swapped parts around a bit to move the potentiometer further away from the heatsink. I also reversed the potentiometer - it’s currently configured the opposite to the conventional way, so counterclockwise is up and clockwise is down. That’ll be fixed in the production units.

I’ve also come across some spring terminals that I think will make a much better choice than the screw terminals the Re:load currently has. They’re the same pin spacing, but they’re deeper, so I had to shuffle things around a bit to accommodate them. Here’s what they look like:

(Only, imagine one with only two poles!)

I’ve been hearing a lot from people over the last 24 hours about what they want to do with their Re:load. Lots of really creative stuff: people want to use them to regulate LED strings, hack them for digital control by removing the potentiometer and feeding the opamp straight from a DAC or PWM, rig one up with their own heatsink, even create multi-channel test loads with several of them. I’m really looking forward to seeing what people make with their Re:loads, and I hope people will send in photos and descriptions when they do.